Ferguson Articles: “thickening the air” for Wed.’s discussion… or possibly your own INVISIBLE MAN essay topic?

I have shortened Tuesday night’s reading (read up until p. 554 now) so that you will also read one of these OR an article of your own choosing that you will then add to this list of recommendations.

Ferguson Resources for Students, in order of publication:

(Aug 12)

A look at the case and a look back at cases like it:


(Aug 12)

A piece written about Trayvon Martin that became relevant again after Mike Brown’s killing:


(Aug 13)

A former investigator of conduct looks at it from the cops’ points of view:


(Aug 13)

An article about the police department’s decision not to release the identity of the officer who killed Michael Brown.


(Aug 13)

A look back at recent cases of police killing innocents. “The hazard of engaging with the history of race in the United States is the difficulty of distinguishing the past from the news of the day.”


(Aug 14)

Roxane Gay looks into her own personal shock and how the media is failing.


(Aug 14)

Reclaiming the sidewalk as a place of safety and simplicity for black youth:


(Aug 15)

A “Grantland” article by a 27 year old who needs to see what’s happening in Ferguson for himself. “It felt like I had to come to Ferguson. Not as a journalist, but as a black man fed up with the idea of black boys who are unable to become black men.”


(Aug 19)

A white man tries to explain about police brutality and white privilege to his son, and sees white privilege play out through the consequences of his bad decisions.


(Aug 21)

A defense of looting as a legitimate, misrepresented way to fight white supremacy:


(Aug 26)

A “New Yorker” article connecting lynching and Mike Brown:


(Aug 28)

My favorite poet talks about “Growing up in Ferguson and Palestine”


(Aug 29)

This author asks, Are we wrong about whose anger fuels the Ferguson crisis?



A contrast between types of riots, and the language the media uses when it covers white youth rioting vs. black youth rioting:


Amnesty has reported that police in Ferguson committed human rights abuses:


(an aftermath article, from “The New Yorker” magazine) on Ferguson in October:



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